Terms and Conditions

  • We offer a 90% money back guarantee if after your first three standard classes with three different professors you are not completely satisfied. However, you must take those first three standard classes within a period of one month from the moment of your purchase. If you take additional classes or classes with the three classes with the same teacher, we will understand that you enjoy our program and other options will be available in the eventuality of you not being satisfied with the current classes. Cash refund is an option, aging, only if you express that you are not satisfied prior to or right after you have completed your third standard class, trying out three different professors within the first month after your purchase.
  • Any unused classes for a period of 12 months will be removed and your account will become inactive at that time. We do not provide cash refund for unused classes. This includes for example, classes purchased but not used for a full year. Those will expire a year from the date of purchase.
  • When you purchase a credit for language classes, you are buying a credit of 55 minutes and you can use it as a full 55-minute class or two 28 minute classes. Credits for all other courses cannot be split and they are also worth a 55-minute class. 
  • The trial class is valid for a onetime 30-minute class only. If you the trial class was not what you expected, you can contact us with your concerns at admin@121onlineprofessor.com.
  • 121Online Professor reserves the right to cancel classes due to natural emergencies, such as earthquakes, power off, storms, etc which will interfere with technology connectivity to provide you with the best class. In this event, you will be credited with a future class. All refunds will be decided on an individual basis. Many of our professors are located in different parts of the world where natural disasters are common. We strive to have as many other professors available for you to take the class at the time and date that is most convenient for you. There are always different options to ensure that you still take your class or receive the credit to be used at a different time.
  • We reserve the right to change your selected professor if, in our opinion, it is necessary. We maintain strict standards of professionalism, punctuality and academic results and in order to keep those standards sometimes changes are needed. We always keep the students and the quality of the program as our top priority.
  • You may also change your professor for any reason, but you must cancel your existing booking with your prior professor, ahead of time and before reserving your class with your new professor.
  • Our policy is (for you and/or for us) to cancel a class within 18 hours prior to it. If you are unable to meet this deadline due to an emergency, you must contact your professor and/or the director of the program to see if an exception can be made prior to the class. We reserve the right to make exceptions on an individual cases based on the professors and other students' schedules. However, a no show without a formal cancellation will automatically be considered as a loss of the credit for that class.
  • 121Online Professor does not possess any of your credit card information. All transactions are performed by third-party sites Authorize.net and PayPal.
  • We do not release any of your personal information to anyone unless required by law enforcement agencies.
  • 121Online Professor is not liable for any damage originated from third-party software installations or viruses when utilizing our learning program.
  • We are here to serve you and we welcome your feedback, suggestions, comments, concerns and/or success stories about our program at any time.

Any suggestions or issues should be directed to admin@121onlineprofessor.com