Native Spanish Lessons via Skype and Google Hangouts

Spanish Teacher

Individual face to face online Spanish classes with native teachers from Latin America and Spain as often as you want them:

Live Group Conversational Spanish Classes

How to roll the “R” in Spanish. Live chats with hispanic native children, youth and adults about Spanish colloquial expressions, difference between Spanish from Spain and Spanish from Latin America, hispanic foods, hispanic traditions, conversational practice of subjunctive tenses and much more. Our group classes are so helpful to clarify and to start using what you have learn in textbooks but in real conversations about daily useful activities, events and subjects. Spanish conversational classes via Skype about business, medical terminology, planning your vacation, tourism, sports and more. These group classes will be announced in our events calendar monthly and you do not need to be a regular student to participate, you can join once a month to practice Spanish conversations.

Spanish for children

Spanish for Children

How can I teach Spanish to my kid? Bilingual kids can start learning Spanish vocabulary as early as you want to expose them to the language. We have the system of vocabulary repetition, audio and visual resources as well as great hands on classes for kids and teenagers to ensure that your child learns the language in the native way. You can request homework or extra activities, we will be happy to customize the online classes so that you have fun while you learn a second language.

Spanish examinations


We offer tutoring in ELA (Spanish Language Arts). If you want to get official qualifications in Spanish, you need to take the DELE. It is provided by each agency and accordingly based on the CEFR guidelines from the Council of Europe and has permanent validity. If this is your goal, we will ensure that your assigned tutor has the experience to help you. We help you practice and present a winning DELE. Pass your writing, listening, reading, grammar and speaking for each level from A1 (Beginner) to C2 (Proficiency) with our live Spanish mentors.

Spanish for business

Be outstanding in your job interview and in your career by becoming a bilingual professional. It is essential to speak as many languages as you can in order to reach as many customers as possible. Improve your career opportunities working on common business situations by simulating Spanish interviews, presentations, negotiations, phone calls and meetings. We mentor you on how to do a great business presentation and we help you to review, practice and perform for your meeting, interview or daily interactions with clients and stakeholders.

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