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Russian General Course

No matter whether you are a beginner or an advanced speaker, Russian General Course, focuses on developing all the language skills: grammar, oral communication, listening, reading comprehension, vocabulary and writing. Our teachers will design an individual curriculum for you on the basis of the Russian general course. With native online tools, you will be able to do online exercises with our teachers and you will be provided with all the learning materials necessary. In addition to basic study guides, additional training aids are used: audio, video, newspaper articles.

Individual and group conversational Russian classes

Russian People

If you have a high enough language level and have already mastered the Russian grammar you can work on your fluency in listening and speaking by taking these useful conversation lessons with our native teachers. In this course you will be able to get your Russian language to the next level, you will improve your everyday language, pronunciation and fluency and expand your vocabulary, practicing your reading and discussing updated topics, listening to, and watching the news and movies (and having discussions about them), mastering conversation, opinion and logical thinking in real-life situations. For the group sessions, our teachers will choose subjects for discussions in accordance with your language level and your interests. These classes are with special guests from native speaking countries which provide you with the opportunity to get you familiar with different accents, cultures and other students across the world.

Russian for Children

We have the system of vocabulary, repetition, audio and visual resources as well as great hands on classes to ensure that your child learns the language in the native way. You can request homework or extra activities we will be happy to customize the classes in order to meet your expectations and goals.

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