Our Pricing for Online Lessons

We welcome parents, children, youth, adults, elders, school groups, grantors and workforce centers interested in providing the opportunity to learn new skills to ask us about discounts and quotes for groups.

We also have a sponsorship program through a non-profit organization that allows you to support and invest in the education of many students across the world.

What would you like
to learn?

Individual Class

Group Class (4 people min/max
depends on subject and level)

Spanish Class
by Native Spanish Tutors
All Levels

US$ 16.00 (1 to 14 credits)
US$ 15.75 (15 to 19 credits)
US$ 15.00 (20 to 39 credits)
US$ 14.00 (40+ credits)

US$ 10.00 per student

Russian Class
by Native Russian Tutors
All Levels

US$ 10.00 (1 to 4 credit)
US$ 9.50 (5 to 9 credits)
US$ 9.00 (10+ credits)

US$ 6.00 per student

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