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Rebeca Costa Rica

Speaks: Native Spanish, Fluently American English.
Teach: Spanish all levels, English, Cooking, Theology, Motivational Subjects.
Rebeca has over 20 years of experience teaching students in Spanish, English, Theology, HR, Cooking classes and motivational seminars, small groups and individual classes. She has over 25 years of experience in the business administration world of non'profit and for profit sector in Costa Rica and United States. She has a BA in Business Administration/HR/Event Coordination, BA in Theology, Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education. She is graduated as a Certified Pastry and International Cuisine Chef. Her native language is Spanish and she speaks, writes and read English fluently. She enjoyes teaching children, youth and adults all subjects in both languages. Her classes are dynamic, customized to your needs and goals.

Sussan Costa Rica

Speaks: Native Spanish, Intermedia English.
Teach: Spanish for children, Singing classes.
Sussan Bolaños was born in San José, Costa Rica in 1983. She has experience in education from earlier ages to adults. She has worked as a Spanish teacher for ten years and since 1990 she began to exercise her singing talent. She has gotten knowledge about in speech and language skills. Singing is an excellent way to learn how to pronounce and speak correctly, by means exercises, techniques you can acquire a better communication.

Marielvira Venezuela

Speaks: Native Spanish, Fluent English.
Teach: Native Spanish all levels.
Marielvira is from Maracay, Venezuela. Marielvira holds a degree in Tourism and also graduated in Education majoring in English from Experimental and Pedagogic University Libertador with honors. She is an experienced foreign language teacher who is fluent in English.

Wilmarys Venezuela

Speaks: Native Spanish, Fluent English.
Teach: Native Spanish all levels.
Wilmarysis from Valencia, Venezuela. Wilmarys a degree in Education from Carabobo University Experience. She has taught Reading and Writing, as well as Didactics, at Carabobo University teaching to students of all ages.

Fernanda Guatemala

Speaks: Native Spanish, Fluent English.
Teach: Native Spanish all levels.
Fernanda is from Antigua, Guatemala. Fernanda has a degree from in Spanish from Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala and has been teaching online the longest out of all our teachers. She has 10 years teaching experience.

Willy Guatemala

Speaks: Native Spanish, Fluent English, Basic French.
Teach: Native Spanish all levels.
Willy is form Antigua,Guatemala. Willy graduated as a lawyer and notary and he is now completing his studies to graduate as a sociologist at the University of San Carlos in Guatemala and he is certified to teach Spanish as a second language. Willy has taught Spanish to children, teens, and adults for 12 years. Willy speaks advanced English and basic French and has completed courses in Medical and Airline Terminology. His interests include history, running, literature, camping, dancing meringue, and listening to classical and classic rock music.

Odilia Guatemala

Speaks: Native Spanish
Teach: Native Spanish all levels.
Odilia is from Antigua, Guatemala. With 17 years experience teaching Spanish, she has great depth of knowledge to help students move forward quickly. The hallmark of her approach is her patience with and attentiveness to the student. She is a fantastic teacher who speaks very slowly and clearly, so if you want a tutor who speaks Spanish only.

Giselle Mexico

Speaks: Native Spanish, Fluent English.
Teach: Native Spanish all levels.
Giselle graduated with honors from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México with a degree in Spanish Linguistics and Literature, and has completed courses and certifications in teaching Spanish as a foreign language, and in the teaching of Mexican culture. Giselle is a dynamic teacher and passionate about Spanish, having more than 10 years of experience teaching this beautiful language. Giselle has ample experience in exam preparation for DELE, IB, and AP.

Danitza Perú

Speaks: Native Spanish, Fluent English, Basic French.
Teach: Native Spanish all levels.
Danitza is from Peru. She holds a bachelors degree in business administration, and is currently obtaining certification in teaching Spanish as a foreign language with Universidad Europea Miguel de Cervantes. Recently she started studying psychology at university in Perú. Danitza has been teaching Spanish for more than 12 years. She loves sports, animals, reading, travelling and learning history and other cultures.

Astrid Panamá

Speaks: Native Spanish, Fluent English.
Teach: Spanish all levels, English all levels.
Astrid was born in Panama City, Republic of Panama but she has lived in Costa Rica since 1973. She came to this country due to her mother’s diplomatic position. She loves cooking and baking. Astrid also loves to work on translations and teaching is one of her biggest passions. She speaks English and Spanish, which is her native language, and also French and Italian, but these last two are not practiced enough since it is hard to find people who speak them in this country but not impossible. Astrid loves to travel and she is a very friendly, patient and dedicated person. Astrid is married and has two boys and four dogs (dachshunds). Her favorite food is Italian. She has visited Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Cartagena, USA and Europe and hopes to travel and discover more cultures since traveling is in her bucket list.

Polina Russia

Speaks: Native Russian, Fluent English, Advanced Spanish, Basic Finnish.
Teach: Russian all levels.
Polina is a native Russian speaker from Moscow.
She studies translation and language teaching and graduated with a degree in linguistics.
She is the perfect choice for those who want to start learning Russian from the very beginning or who already have some knowledge of this wonderful language and want to improve their skills.
Her method of teaching is focused on developing all the language skills by means of standard learning materials and additional training aids such as audio, video and articles on updated topics.
In the course of the learning program she also provides students with some interesting and useful information about Russian culture.
She loves traveling and is always open to acquire new.

Danielle USA

Speaks: Native American English
Teach: English all levels.
I am a native speaker from the United States. I am from North, Dakota, a state close to Canada, but I have traveled and lived in many places. I have also done a lot of international travel. I have been on the road since May 2015, exploring over twenty countries in Europe and Asia. I am settled in Bangkok, Thailand now for a bit, and am working as an ESL teacher in a primary school. When I was backpacking I did quite a bit of volunteering, and had the opportunity to volunteer as an ESL teacher in Ukraine, Poland, Spain, and Vietnam. I graduated from school in 2012 from the University of St. Thomas with a degree in English Lit. and Writing. So I love to read and write! I also love going hiking, running, boxing, cooking and baking, watching movies and of course traveling. I love meeting people from other countries and learning about their cultures, so trust me I will get you talking about yours. I am excited to start working with you!

Sam Taiwan

Speaks: Native Mandarin, Fluent English, Fluent Spanish.
Teach: Mandarin Chinese all levels.
I was born and raised in Taiwan, so Chinese mandarin is my first language. I'm also a naturalized Belizean. In case you don't know, Belize is the only English-speaking country in Central America. I moved to Costa Rica in 2007 and spent around 4 years living and working there as a language teacher. I've been teaching languages for more than 4 years now, and I enjoy conversational, interactive lessons with my students. I'm experienced in teaching adults, teenagers, and children. I often use different methods and materials for my lessons, such as visual aids and gestures. In my free time, I enjoy watching movies, listening to good music, spending time with my family and friends. And I also spent a lot of time promoting bible education as a volunteer. I look forward to seeing you in my class!

Jorge Chovi Costa Rica

Speaks: Native Spanish
Teach: Drums, Theology, Motivational Subjects.
Jorge executes the battery officially since 1981. He has been studying music since high school when he joined the band of Costa Rica's High Scool (1979-1982) under the supervision of Professor Fabio Chaves; at the music school of U.C.R (1980) and the Junior Symphony (1980) and received instruction from renowned drummers in the country. His personality and professionalism made him a great match for children, youth adults and elders. Chovi will teach you how to rock with the drums to whole new level! BANDS OR GROUPS FORMED Rock genre: “Some Dreamers” (1981), “Arquetipo” [archetype (1987)], “Durazno” [peach (1989)], "Tercer Mundo"[Third World (1990)], Aires del Tiempo [Airs of the time(1990-1992)], (Fourth Place in the Festival Yamaha Music Quest " 92, Theater Melico Salazar). Gender New Ballad as: “Nosotros” [We (1986)], “Arado” [Plow (1990)] ”third among groups Festival Golden Grain-1990" in the secular area.

Jorge Soto Costa Rica

Speaks: Native Spanish, Fluent English.
Teach: Guitar for children and beginners.

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