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Jorge Chovi Costa Rica

Speaks: Native Spanish
Teach: Drums, Theology, Motivational Subjects.
Jorge executes the battery officially since 1981. He has been studying music since high school when he joined the band of Costa Rica's High Scool (1979-1982) under the supervision of Professor Fabio Chaves; at the music school of U.C.R (1980) and the Junior Symphony (1980) and received instruction from renowned drummers in the country. His personality and professionalism made him a great match for children, youth adults and elders. Chovi will teach you how to rock with the drums to whole new level! BANDS OR GROUPS FORMED Rock genre: “Some Dreamers” (1981), “Arquetipo” [archetype (1987)], “Durazno” [peach (1989)], "Tercer Mundo"[Third World (1990)], Aires del Tiempo [Airs of the time(1990-1992)], (Fourth Place in the Festival Yamaha Music Quest " 92, Theater Melico Salazar). Gender New Ballad as: “Nosotros” [We (1986)], “Arado” [Plow (1990)] ”third among groups Festival Golden Grain-1990" in the secular area.

Jorge Soto Costa Rica

Speaks: Native Spanish, Fluent English.
Teach: Guitar for children and beginners.

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