How It Works

Learning a foreign language with 121OnlineProfessor is simple. Our booking system will show you the availability of all our teachers in your local time zone. You will be able to have lessons available at any time you wish.

You do not need to contact us every time you want to schedule or change a class.

After you take the trial class and you are ready to purchase your classes go to Buy Credit in our platform, every credit equals one lesson that students can book automatically when they want. Unused credits will expire within one year of the purchase date.

Free Trial Lesson

  1. Click here.
  2. Fill in the registration form.
  3. Then you will have full access to our platform. You can book your one time free trial lesson (30 minutes).
  4. Once we schedule the Trial Lesson, you will receive a confirmation email with the appointment time. Our professor will send you the invitation to add you on Skype or Google Hangouts or you can send him/her the invitation prior to the class.
  5. Be ready on Skype or Google Hangouts at the arranged time.

Note: We recommend to have a Gmail account. We often use Google Drive to share documents and work on them during the classes with our students, just as in a face-to-face lesson. It’s just a simple click in your email and you will be able to do activities with your tutor, make corrections, write down vocabulary notes, etc. You can keep the document and use it to study and do the homework.

If you have already had the Trial Lesson (or you can’t wait to start):

  1. Click here.
  2. Write your Email and Password. If you don’t have them yet, click Register and fill in the registration form to access our platform.
  3. Go to Buy Credits on the menu bar, select how many credits (55-minutes lessons) you want to buy.
  4. Click on Paypal for the payment and choose if you want to pay with your Paypal account or by Credit or Debit Card (below).
    Pay Options
  5. Click Calendar on the bar menu of our booking system and book your lesson.
  6. You will receive a confirmation email with the appointment time prior to your class. From your profile you can select how long in advance you want to receive this reminder.
  7. If you need to cancel the class, the system will only allow you to cancel 18 hours prior to the class, if you have an emergency and need to cancel closer to your class, please contact your teacher directly in order to make other arrangements.

Agreements and guidelines for students