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English Lessons

Beginner, intermediate or advanced. You can take our English level test to get you started! We will work on developing all the language skills: grammar, oral communication, listening, reading comprehension and vocabulary. With native online tools, our teachers will be able to share documents and live English exercises during your class. it is a face-to-face online lesson but more flexible, easier and more affordable.

Native Individual and group online conversational classes

English for children

Practice your English with useful live conversations with native teachers and their special guest experts in different daily activities that you can apply in your life with family, friends, professional career or business. It is a fun way to practice your audio skills and an opportunity to get familiar with different accents, cultures and other students across the world.

English for сhildren

English learning system of repetition, vocabulary, audio and visual resources as well as great hands on classes to ensure that your child learns the language in the native way. You can request homework or extra activities, we will be happy to customize the classes for your children in order to meet your expectations and goals.

English examinations

English examinations and GED tutoring

We offer tutoring for students that want to obtain their GED in the United States. We also offer tutoring in ELA (English Language Arts). If your goal is to get official qualifications in English, you need to take the TOEFL and we will ensure that your assigned tutor has the experience to help you using a specific learning approach in order to pass the different parts of the exam (writing, listening, reading, grammar and speaking) for each level from A1 (Beginner) to C2 (Proficiency).

English for professionals

English for professionals

If your goal is to learn conversational English to be outstanding in your professional career and to Improve your career opportunities by learning how to write a winning resume or work presentations, we will do live role plays in native English to prepare you for your job interview and to practice typical business situations by simulating presentations, negotiations, phone calls and meetings. We train you on how to do a great business presentation and we help you to review, practice and perform for your meeting, interview or daily interactions with clients and stakeholders.

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